• Coldplay New Video

    I'm a huge lover of all things Coldplay! They have a new video for True Love that made me scratch my head but whatever still an amazing song. 

  • Working on some fun originals for upcoming shows. I love this piece because I finally used some vintage cover envelopes I got from a postcard show.  I few years back a friend invited me to a postcard convention and I was so happy!! It was the best place to find stamps, covers, letters, postcards, books and any paper you can image. I spent way to much but got a lot of loot! 

    Some of the covers on this piece are from 1888, 1900 and 1943...the sides are a letter from a Dad traveling to his children. I'm not quite sure of it's date but it was quite old and the handwriting was just impossible to read. 

  • What If's

    Sometimes we just have to let go of it! I can "what if" myself into a depression...ha! I will have this print for sale soon for First Saturday Artist Market here in Houston. I did this using acrylic, dye ink and paper. 

  • Be My Forever

    I am really enjoying Christina Perri and Ed Sheeran new song Be My Forever. I just had to do some happy artwork for it. 

  • Beautiful Ride

    Silly little bike I did with paper. Hope you are having a great Thursday!
  • I'm Hooked!

    So I'm really into Anthropologie candles...I'm kinda nuts about the Capri Blue ones. Everyday when I work in my studio I light my Anthro candles and turn on music. About three weeks ago my girlfriend started selling Scentsy and asked me to come to her launch party.  I didn't think I would like it but...

    I'm hooked! 

    I bought this cute Scentsy warmer for my studio and a more serious one for my bedroom. I have had those suckers turned on every day and I love the scent "Satin Sheets". I realized that for the cost of one Anthro candle I can get a warmer that will last forever...then the scents cost only $5.00 and last 80hours!! 

    I have to admit a big selling point for me was the fact that I won't burn my house down. I've forgotten to blow out my studio candle several times (shh...don't tell the hubby).  

    I would say if you like candles these are perfect. I'm going to get my Mom a Scentsy gift certificate for Mother's Day and I know she is going to love it. If you are interested you can check out my friend's website here...

    If you are in are in Houston and you book a party with her I'll totally come.

    Warmer of the month

  • Soul Food Class

    The Soul Food class is coming up quickly! My lesson is in March and here are pictures of the projects we will be doing. 

    To find out more about the class check here